The rain may have put a spanner in the works on Saturday for Augusto Farfus but today, the happy-go-lucky Brazilian driver was able to celebrate at the “Moscow Raceway”. He and his team developed the perfect strategy to claim a top-four shut-out for BMW in the twelfth race of the DTM season.

After the first race in Moscow, Farfus was sure that “our pace is good in dry conditions.” And this statement proved to be correct. The Brazilian driver made the most of good weather conditions to secure sixth place in qualifying in the Shell BMW M4 DTM – a good position to attack from. Which is exactly what Farfus proceeded to do. His driving was immaculate and he was able to take advantage of the overtaking opportunities that presented themselves. After a perfect start, he stayed out for a long time and was one of the last to come in for the mandatory pit stop on lap 29. This proved to be an enlightened decision. His fresh tyres allowed him to get past the other drivers as the race drew to a close, and he finished in fourth place.

“Today, I think we really showed what teamwork means,” said Farfus. “Things did not go well for us at all on Saturday but we learned from that and made sure we achieved the absolute maximum today. I had great pace during the race, and was able to pull out some good overtaking manoeuvres. Our strategy worked perfectly. I stayed out for a long time and came into the pits late. Finishing in fourth place shows that this was the correct decision. The team always had a good overview of events during the race. It was a good example of perfect racing.”

Farfus will return to more familiar territory for his next two races. The DTM season is entering a critical phase and these races are scheduled for 10th and 11th September at the Nürburgring, in the Eifel region – Farfus competed at this circuit in the 24-hour race in May.

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