World-famous racing driver Augusto Farfus has partnered with Italian entrepreneur Giancarlo Medici to launch MONGRIP™, a collection of motorsport-inspired luxury bracelets, each unique, and each made of rubber from a certified Formula One™ tyre.

Developed in Monaco, scene of many of the most famous Formula One™ moments in history, the premium bracelets combine the raw energy and passion of the race track with the luxury of stunning design and precious metals.

The first collection created by the brand, the RACE collection, includes a solid silver clasp and retails at €270. After initial stock quickly sold out, the bracelets are now available againin luxury boutiques in Monaco or world-wide through MONGRIP™ website.

Later this year, the MONGRIP™ range will expand to include the LEGENDS collection, which takes the rubber from some very special tyres that left a mark in Formula One™ history and pairs with precious metals such as platinum and gold.

“Starting from a certified Formula One™ tyre, and thanks to a handmade process, MONGRIP™ creates these beautiful bracelets,” explained Farfus. “The certificates tell the story of the tyre and I think that wearing a piece of motorsport history everyday is pretty special.”

“I’m very excited to be part of a company that brings people closer to the motorsport world. My passion for racing and love of unique ideas and special products, makes me proud to be MONGRIP™ Ambassador. We are working on fantastic ideas for the future and I can’t wait to bring them to motorsport fans.”

For more information about MONGRIP™ or to buy your own unique bracelet, please visit Please follow MONGRIP™ on Facebook at @MONGRIP and on Instagram at @mongrip_official.

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  1. Hello Augusto,
    My name is Martin Janda, I am from Brno, Czech Republic.
    I collect autographs of racing car drivers.
    I saw you racing on the circuit in Brno during the WTCC races, amazing races 🙂
    Please, what address can I send photos to sign? I read on the Internet that you operate at Mongrip. Please can I send pictures to: Mongrip, 46 rue Grimaldi, 98000 Monaco?
    I also want to send pictures to sign Bruno Senna. I read Bruno lives in Monaco and that he works with Mongrip. Please can I send photos to sign the Mongip for Bruno Senna?

    Thank you very much for the answer.

    I wish you a lot of happiness in Daytona.

    Best regards

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